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HD Auto Creations

Experience. Quality. Trust.

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Quality detailing

Your car is subject to daily abuse from sun, pollution, and dirt - a combination that, with time, will dull and roughen your exterior finish. Other detail shops may be capable of minor cosmetic improvements, but often at the cost of unsightly swirls and scratches through improper buffing techniques. Whatever your situation, returning your car’s exterior paint to its original luster may seem impossible. Well, it isn’t with HD Auto Creations.

The Best in Fort Calhoun

With HD Auto Creations' 20 years of experience, we’ve maintained the highest standards of car care in the industry and have earned a reputation for excellence. We are proud to be referred to again and again as “The Best Detailing Shop in Washington County, Fort Calhoun, Blair, Omaha and surrounding areas.”


HD Auto Creations specializes in all classes of autos, from family, luxury, exotic, classic, and specialty vehicles. Our mission is to provide an amazingly pleasant, richly satisfying experience for every single one of our customers. Our goal is to cultivate a relationship of trust with you. Our primary tools to do this are honesty, integrity, and fairness, coupled with unparalleled superior, consistent results. You can count on our work being top-notch each and every visit.

Detailing should leave your car gleaming

We make sure your detail results are second to none!

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